Mundo Fusion

jueves, octubre 31, 2013

Para reflexionar (III)...

"If I retire in order to free myself from delusions I will also be better prepared for the next meetings. To walk out in life is to meet your inner abyss. To look someone in the eyes is to understand, or fear, something about your own personality. To some people this is not a problem. They can live a whole life taking care of their career and family without ever thinking it hard to achieve. With the same easy-going way they talk to anyone in cafes. They play games, stroll along, make love and travel together, always with friendly chats as the tool. But for others, both career and family become a hell of demands, achievements and anguish. What makes some people live their lives so free from care, while others fear every social context as if it were a physical threat...?" 
(John Cowper Powys)